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From the web, to desktop applications, and onto mobility HTML development will revolutionize the way applications are developed for users, significantly save money, and create new models of interface for years to come. Development of HTML5 is aptly one of the most important changes in the architecture of the Internet for and will impact practically each and every company and technology around the world.

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HTML 5 Development with Nex Mobile Apps

Nex Mobile Apps’ team of HTML 5 developers easily creates applications for all the foremost platforms in one go, with access to all the sophisticated attributes of modern smart phones. Creating compelling apps that work offline and can make use of location, contacts, camera, advanced graphics and much more has never been faster and easier!

HTML5's promise is code once, reach everyone.
At Nex Mobile Apps, we live by this mantra.

HTML5 is rapidly changing the face of the mobile market. With six major mobile platforms to cater to and increasing pressure to launch as early as possible to market, mobile application developers are taking tough decisions on how to work on mobile website development. One way to deal with such challenges is by developing HTML based mobile website applications.

Moreover, latest advancements in HTML5 technology that allows developers to write once and run anywhere and offers loaded features such as offline capabilities, embedding video directly in an application and Drag-and-drop functionality. This cross-platform approach greatly increases a developer's total potential audience while providing users a more consistent experience across different screen sizes.

Nex Mobile Apps has HTML 5 developers trained in the critical competencies of HTML development to help your organization understand and act on the benefits of HTML5.

Wish to mingle the performance and stability of native applications with the reach of the web? Try Nex Mobile Apps HTML5 application development.

Nex Mobile Apps HTML5 significantly improves the aptitude to:

  • Bring rich animation to users without Adobe Flash
  • Simplify video on the web and mobile devices
  • Discover a user's geographical location on the browser
  • Tag particular webpage points for search engines to enhance the understanding of your content
  • Could do without a database to store content in the browser
  • Considerably trim down the development efforts necessary to build various other applications

So, if you want to develop beautiful and fully functional applications that work equally well on desktop and mobiles and yet don't want to code separately for every platform HTML5 is your best choice.

Consider using Nex Mobile Apps HTML5 development.

HTML 5 Development India

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Nex Mobile Apps, an Iphone development company based in India has an expert team that will discuss about 10 major changes done in Apple OS X’s new version – Yosemite.

Outsource iPhone app development programming services to NexMobileApps and grow the bottom line of your business. For more information mail us at to get a quote for our services.