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The endless tussle between the numbers of Android and iOS took a new turn recently. As per the difference of the revenue generated by the App Store and Play store, it was observed that Apple generates approximately double the revenue when the compared to its counterpart and surprisingly the doubled revenue was the result of the only half number of Apps downloads as compared to Android. Now, what does this signify?


The impeccable growth of mobile apps

In this era, every organization is trying to generate revenue via the mobile applications. The market for mobile apps is very lively at the moment as the large companies are making use of the power of mobility. Also, the world is very much aware of the fact that there seems to be a great future of the phones market and hence, a plenty of mobile application development firms are developing groundbreaking mobile applications to generate more and more revenue.

iOS and Android

In this era, more than almost 75% of the phones market is shared between iPhone and Android. Even though Android seems to be dominating iOS when it comes to the market share, but iOS is way ahead of Android when it comes to the revenue generation. At the same time, Apple users are seemingly more loyal to their service, which means, they tend to stay with Apple forever and do not really shift to other operating systems. It is not generally seen that a user who is comfortable with an iOS phone shifts to Android or any other OS. This is a great start to depict users love towards their iOS devices. At the same time, it also signifies that Apple seems to be treating the customer well, therefore, the users think twice before choosing any other OS.

There are a plenty of other reasons that make iOS a user’s favorite and one of them is the class of the product. Apple products are seemingly elegant than others. Therefore, people are more attracted to the iPhones. And needless to say, the spectacular design of the iPhones is one of the other attractive factors. Apart from the design, the inner mettle, the performance, the features, all combine to make iPhones a top choice in the market.

Why is Apple making more money than Android?

Apple’s App Store has generated more money because of a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that Android users have more options than the iOS users. Stores like the Samsung Store, etc. also offer app downloads. Thus, many Android users prefer to download some apps from different stores. Whereas, iOS’s $38.5 billion earning as compared to Android’s $20.1 billion are purely out of App Store downloads.

What can be the reason behind more revenue from the App Store?

Purchases from the iOS’s App Store

Many researchers are trying to find out the real reason behind iOS’s domination in the mobile apps market. And one of the mega reasons comes out to be that iOS users are 10% more likely to make the in-app purchases as compared to the Android users. This is clearly the reason Apple generates more revenue.

Intuitive User Interface

One of the biggest reasons that make an online business successful is the user engagement ration. The App Store seems to have more engaged users than the static ones when compared to the Android users. Therefore, people keep coming back looking for new things and end up purchasing something or the other.

Retail Mobile Application Users

It was also seen that some of the iOS apps were used for retail purposes as well. This means that more iOS users were using the retail mobile applications to carry on their online purchases as opposed to the less number of Android users.

Enhanced Mobile Application Development Cycle

The process of earning revenue through an application starts as soon as the iOS developers, complete the app development process and make the app live. Therefore, the development process has to be faster and crisp so that the revenue stage is reached earlier. As compared to Android app development, iOS app development services is a lot faster.  Also, if we talk about the complete cost of mobile app development of iOS, it comes out to be a lot lower than that of Android.

There are many reasons that lead to better revenue for iOS and one of them is undoubtedly the better quality of iOS applications.