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Let’s Create Stunning Android Application Development

Android Application Development Services Through Various Versions

Are you planning for mobile-driven business solutions? Well, no time is better than now. Since Android constitutes the majority of the smartphone operating systems, it’s no wonder that developing Android apps takes your precedence. Unfortunately, Google Play Store is crowded with so many apps offering similar services as yours. If you want to want to increase your business exposure, then your app should be different and better than the bulk. This is where we come in. As a top Android app development company in India and USA, we can help in creating intuitive, user-friendly and futuristic Android mobile applications. What’s more is that we offer Android application development services and modifications depending on the current and next to-be-released Android versions in the market.

android-versions Marshmallow

The Marshmallow version brought in some shifts in the app setup like run time permissions and power-saving features. We can develop an app by considering these changes.

android-versions Nougat

We leverage the advantages of the multi-window operations in Android smartphones and the improvements in the notifications to deliver the best performance.

android-versions Oreo

Oreo update brought in limitations for background executions and a few other alert features which will be considered when developing the Android application development to ensure stable delivery.

android-versions Pie

The most recent Android version, Pie, brings a host of new functionalities that we will leverage to spruce up your app and offering an optimum operation, better than the competition.


Android App Development India With Innovation at Its Centre

Perfection in All - Develop, Design, Delivery

Don’t we all know how important and time-critical it is to venture your business with mobile apps? But nowadays, with the cutthroat competition, making your business presence an app isn’t going to make the cut. You need sensational apps that impress the users and make them wanting for more. This is exactly what we promise to deliver. Our Android apps aren’t another run-of-the-mill app to get lost in the Play Store. We develop to withstand and design to impress.

Our process for custom Android application development services is aimed to provide results for your business that’s above expectations. You need an app that is dynamic, looks credible and definitely user-lovable to make a difference. We are here to make sure that your app achieves exactly that and much more. We take a well-defined approach for Android app development that can be easily explained in three main steps.


What’s Your Business About and Who Are Your Competitors?

Understanding what your business is is the crux of any Android development. We get inputs from you and do research on our own to collect data about your business, your users and competition.


How Can We Perfectly Fit the Android Application to Your Users?

Once we have the data, we see how best we can deliver your business solution to fit your user needs. We develop and shape the app by keeping the customer at its focus.


How Can We Give That Extra Edge to the App That Sets You Apart?

Once we have developed the first version, we brainstorm about how to set your app from the others. We innovate the design and check for ease of features offered through real-time testing.

Our Capability for Android Application Development

For an efficient Android app, there are so many details, technologies and tools involved. The Android App Development India team must have that extensive practical knowledge to develop a great-functioning app. Our team is well-versed in many facets of Android development including all the latest tools, programming languages and best practices. When you hire our Android app development company, you get the whole package - access to a dedicated team, best developers in India and USA and the latest resources. Here are a few noteworthy capabilities of our Android developers.


Design of user-friendly design features


Support for multiple Android versions


Data sync, access and collection with third-party servers


New technologies like AR/VR, AI, ML


Integration with various payment gateway portals


Development of gaming apps, social media apps and native device apps


Manage device permissions for an unobtrusive app performance

The Best in Industry Android Application Development Services

NexMobility is known for its innovative and result-focussed apps that give any business a great advantage. We know how much businesses bank on the mobile apps to work to get the due exposure. Therefore, we take a keen interest to make the app for you. We work side by side with you to develop mobile apps. We stop at nothing to perfect your Android app and retain it at its best performance through OS updates.


Secure Android Apps

When we develop any app, we ensure that it’s completely secure and reliable. We use firewalls and virus protection systems to keep your app protected.


Native Android Application Development

Be it enterprise apps or customer-specific apps, we have created several Android apps in our experience of more than 15 years. Let us handle your native app requirements with ease now!


Cross-Platform App Development

If you are looking to develop an Android app that works on other mobile platforms like iOS and Windows, we can help in delivering optimal performance across all platforms.


Mobile Backend as a Service

For an uninterrupted and seamless, we integrate the app with the device information. So your users will spend less time setting the app and more time enjoying it!


Developing Wireframes and Prototypes

Before the actual development process, we create the wireframe of how the app looks like and get feedback from you. This will help us to develop focussed apps, just like the way you envisioned.


Android Application Testing

We conduct a series of tests before the release of the Android app and also at regular intervals to check if everything is working as it should be. If not, we also help in resolving the issues, fixing the bugs and restoring the performance.


Notable Features We Developed for Addictive Android Apps Development



Every project we work with presents a challenge either small or large. And we have solved every one of the challenges we faced and have delivered remarkable results. Our Android application development services India is a combination of expertise, innovation, talent and startling - just what you need to wow your users! We have helped several ingenious features for the Android apps that have solved many business challenges for our clients.

  • Image masking technology for virtual chat room designs.
  • Video recording with an embedded counter in each frame.
  • Tables to displays values without getting truncated no matter the type of devices it’s accessed from.
  • Creation of horizontal data picker even before it was available in any open-source library.
  • Making it possible for the synchronization of large data with images and videos on low-speed networks.
  • Dynamic layout for showcasing database values without compromise on the design.

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