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The stable version of Flutter was released in December 2018 and it soon became one of the favourite flutter app development platforms. Flutter has quickly found its way into various top mobile apps used worldwide, like Alibaba, Reflectly and Google Ads.

Nexmobility offers one-stop mobile app development solutions with Flutter. We streamline the flutter application development process by using Google’s revolutionary framework, Flutter, to provide an immersive experience.

If you’re looking for a Flutter app development company with extensive experience in mobile apps, reach out to our developers now.


Flutter – The Simplistic, Innovative Way to Develop Mobile Apps

The second generation of Flutter was released in March 2021 with various enhancements that added to the simple functionality. Flutter is not just a library or a framework — it’s a whole software development kit (SDK) that helps create mobile applications with a single codebase.

Flutter has a huge collection of tools, documentation, libraries and APIs which makes it increasingly simple and easier to build cross-platform mobile applications. Flutter app development has introduced a novel way of developing mobile apps. Flutter has three main layers: the embedder, the engine and a framework that makes it possible to create a mobile app that runs seamlessly on multiple operating systems.

There are more such reasons why Flutter application development services has become popular so quickly:


Readymade Widgets

One of the main reasons why developers love Flutter is its quick-to-use widgets. You can easily create the user interface by using the widgets and creating numerous combinations of layouts.

Minimal Time for UI Customization

Usually, in any flutter mobile app development, the customization of the user interface takes the longest time. However, the quick-access widgets that follow both the Android’s and iOS’s looks mean it takes only a minimal time.

Simple Documentation

Since Flutter was introduced by Google, they have very detailed and easy-to-understand documentation that can be referred to by anyone who wants to learn Flutter.

Faster Debug

Developers can test code faster in Flutter than in any other apps due to a ‘hot reload feature.’ You can create and run codes faster, test and debug new codes and push them for launch sooner than you expect.

Quicker Cross-Platform Development

If you’re planning to develop an app for both Android and iOS, Flutter is the smart choice. Since you only need a single codebase to run on both OS, you can save so much development time.

Community Support

Flutter developers can use Google Firebase support as well as the active community of Flutter developers to introduce and work with novel ideas. This makes the platform extremely reliable and greatly improves performance.

Our Flutter App Development Services

Our Flutter app developers leverage the quick and easy-to-use features in Flutter and combine them with our decade of industry experience. We assist companies in developing cross-platform mobile apps that leave a long-term impression on the users. We analyze and suggest the best course of action to follow right from the ideation to app launch and support.


Flutter App Development Consultation

Are you thinking about developing mobile apps with Flutter but aren’t sure if that’s the right choice for you? Consult with our app development experts to explore if Flutter can make your process better.

Dart App Development

Dart is the programming language used in Flutter mobile apps and our developers can work with your team to create code in Dart that can be used to compile native code even in JavaScript.

UI/UX Customization

With the developer-friendly, ready-to-use features, Flutter makes it easier to create user-intuitive design interfaces with simple blocks that can be used together to build several functionalities and layouts.

QA & Testing

Our Flutter development team runs tests on the new and existing mobile applications developed with Flutter. We use several manual and automated testing that enhance the user experience.

App Migration

If you already have a mobile app built in any other framework, we can migrate it to Flutter and make it easy to implement the cross-platform functionality. We migrate mobile apps with minimal downtime.

Flutter App Support and Maintenance

Every mobile app needs to go under scheduled maintenance and updates to keep it at its best state. Our team can conduct these tests, make new improvements and ensure that the app is at its maximum performance.


Why Do We Recommend Flutter for Mobile App Development?

There are several reasons why many companies go for Flutter app development services. It’s often based on the functionalities, the ease of use and their skills. However, there are a lot more reasons why we recommend Flutter as the first choice for mobile app development:

Since Flutter has a single codebase, the cost of development is also lesser. You don’t need to spend money to develop the same features in Android and again in iOS with Flutter. This results in at least a 30% reduction in development costs.

Again the codebase feature of the Flutter cuts down the development time by over 25%. Since it’s a cross-platform SDK that requires only a codebase, you can use the same code across both OS.

Flutter’s hot reload feature makes it easier for developers to show any changes in the code quickly and compare it across multiple platforms.

Flutter application development allows for real-time user interface iterations that can be carried out for flexible designs and improved user experience.

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