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iOS App Development Company India

Create User Experiences That Count

With the increased prevalence of smartphones, mobile apps have become a necessity in the modern world. Mobile applications have to give the users the complete functionality that expected without stressing them out. At Nex Mobility, our iOS app development services based on your target audience by employing innovative techniques that make it stand out from its competitors and is also welcome by the users. Our expert iPhone app developers India offer feature-rich apps.

android-versions iPhone

Today, users show significant connections with their mobile applications. Our iOS app development team adopts innovative design trends to complement product engagement, to complement user experience.

android-versions Apple Watch

Nex Mobility iOS App Development team helps to enhance the usage benefits of Apple watch with their intuitive app designs. We blend our designs to deliver the right user experience.

android-versions iPad

Delivering user experience is our key product strategy and not merely a design consideration. We innovate and integrate with the iPad user experience and ensure an enriching experience.


Enterprise iOS Application Development Services

iOS App Development Services at Nex Mobility

The success of a mobile app resides with how efficiently it caters to the needs of the users. Therefore, our expert team performs a complete analysis and use business strategies to understand the market scenario so that your app better than your competitors. Being a leading iOS app development company India, we take a comprehensive approach with utmost accuracy and offer a smart and highly responsive application that flows right through the process. Our unique iOS app development solutions are capable of developing applications to regulate your workflow better communicate the services to the end users and to create specific product-centric iOS applications.


Wireframing, Prototyping, Mockups

The product is underway we use an agile method of approach keeping you in a loop throughout the project. We support transparent communication lines so that any change in the product development identified in the Innovative stages and altered.


Coding, Interfacing, Debugging

When the product is complete, it will be thoroughly scrutinized and checked for any bugs or errors to offer a smooth and completely reliable product to the end users. We also integrate any third-party applications and the device information with the application to make the iOS app development right as possible.


Testing, Delivery, Support

After a product is meticulously tested and released, we give constant support to release any updates or make any changes according to the changing business requirements. We also offer 24X7 support services to cater to your iOS application needs at all times.

Capability to Handle Challenges

Our expertise includes:

Nex Mobility provides some exclusive iOS mobile app development services in India. We can design and implement some of the most complex technical challenges like runtime permissions, In-App purchases, and social logins as well as payment gateway integration. Our teams are well-versed in working with varied design patterns for multiple Android versions embedding the uniqueness of the Nex Mobility brand in every delivery.

  • Design complex, custom, and universal layouts.
  • Integrate with different third-party libraries.
  • Integrating, Web API using XML/JSON.
  • Implement Social logins, In-App purchases.
  • Use inbuilt API like Contact, Camera.

Industry Verticals

We work with the point of creating iOS apps that don’t just help to solve the problems but should also leave a lasting impact. In recent times, the number of applications in one’s smartphones has increased rapidly, and it is very difficult for an application to stay longer and used by end-user. Therefore, right from the iOS application development to creating products that resonate with the target audience, At Nex Mobility, we aim to capture the interest of the audience for a longer time. Nex Mobility is an excellent iPhone app development company offering customers to locally and abroad.


Digitization has significantly metamorphosed the Travel Industry with guidebooks & paper maps. As travelers increasingly rely on mobile apps to plan for their next travel, our innovative iOS apps ensure their journey moves on the right track.

Wellness & fitness

Fitness regimes are undergoing a digital makeover nex leverages this trend. We design intuitive fitness apps for smartphones to cater to the increasing demand for digitally monitoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


The healthcare industry is innovating their patient interaction with evolved technology. Nex Mobility Company contributes to this through our unique services in India, delivering advanced healthcare mobile apps.


Students & teachers are immensely benefited by creativity, user experience & technology gifts in the form of educational apps. We help to take this endeavor a notch higher with our diligent attention to detail in creating the most productive & learner-centric educational apps.


Online retail owners eye Mobile apps as the best way to ensure customer retention and promote brand awareness. Our expert team of iOS app developers ensures your e-commerce journey is a productive one by building innovative retail apps.


As investors increase their time on smartphones, financial organizations need to gear up their App Services for their clientele. We have honed our expertise in developing capable financial apps that deliver simple, convenient services that are on-demand and can use in real-time.

Social Network

Social media is assuming an overpowering presence in our lives. We realize this huge opportunity & ensures that businesses can promote & maintain their online presence effortlessly in multiple domains through our powerfully designed social networking apps.

Real Estate

An increasing number of home seekers are finding mobile based real estate apps option to look for the perfect home. Our experience in the real estate domain has apprised us of this need leading us to develop efficient real estate apps that help extend your business reach & boost your ROI.


In dynamically developing technological environments, businesses need to go digital to sustain their scale & relevance. Nex Mobility develops secured customer-focused financial apps for iPhones that assure you of enhanced user experience.


iOS App Development is taking every industry by storm, including the technology sector. As the demand for innovation increases, Technology companies are mobilizing their expertise in delivering market demands. We facilitate this by uniquely designed iOS apps.

Nex Mitigates Key Challenges

Challenges help to deliver the power to excel. At Nex Mobility, every challenge is view as an opportunity to excel. As a company delivering iOS app development services in India for multiple clients, we possess an exhaustive experience of addressing complicated requirements. We focus our attention on your business vision and direct our capability towards translating that into efficient iOS apps.

  • Implementing live voting with synchronization with different time zones, and display the voting option count graph at runtime.
  • Implementing, Multipeer Connectivity framework using which master device can control slave devices.
  • Implementing, excel sheet kind of layout for displaying many values without getting truncated on different screens.
  • Implementing, image masking for displaying virtual room’s designs.
  • Implementing, the perfect tracing code for different capital and small alphabets using bezier path.

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