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Google, the US internet giant, owns Android mobile operating system which powers most of the smartphones used around the globe, is set to end relationship with Huawei due to national security threat. The news may be shocking to all huawei smartphone users since the Chinese telecom giant will unable to access to Google’s proprietary services; including gmail and Google Map apps.

The chipmakers in the US that were providing crucial hardware to Chinese company Huawei have stopped the engagement. The trade war between the USA and Beijing has affected the world as President Donald Trump has banned all engagements related to telecom trade between US companies and foreign countries. He said that such engagements pose threat to America’s national security.

The ban makes Google to halt business activities with the Chinese giant Huawei that includes direct transfer for software, hardware, and technical services that are unavailable publicly. Huawei will only be able to access the OS version of Android.

However, the company said it will continue to sell android-based smartphones and tablets under the brand Honor and huawei till stock lasts in India and support the ones that are sold and in stock.

Google Taking Back Android Support from Huawei Devices

The reports issued by the analysts reveal that the decision will affect the Huawei Company massively due to the decision of Google to suspend ties with the company.

Huawei is also selling its handsets under Honor brand and the company will be forced to suspend the launches of new devices from its both brands in India for short time until the Chinese government takes action to resolve the trade issue with the US government.

As Google has revoked the collaboration with Huawei, the company will not be able to access Google play store as well. The brand image of Huawei is at stake and its sales could take a massive dip on the charts if the OS and app part is incomplete in India.

After Google, Microsoft may consider withdrawing its Windows 10 updates from Huawei laptops. The news has not been confirmed as the sources claim the reports. As per the report, the tech giant Microsoft has declined to comment on whether they would provide their services by saying, “we have nothing to share.”

There are around seven Windows laptops listed on Huawei’s official website and two of these i.e. Matebook 14 and Matebook X Pro were released recently this year.

Since the US administration has listed Huawei to its “entity list”, US based android development companies cannot provide technology to Huawei without government permission.

What does Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei has to say about the reports?

According to the updates, Ren considers the order issued by Trup executive harmless to 5G rollout. Ren says that the trade ban won’t affect the release of 5G and doesn’t expect anyone to beat the company’s technology in the coming two-three years. “They are just understanding Huawei’s capabilities.”

Google took back its Android license from the company on Sunday, while Intel and Qualcomm have issued a notice for employees to stop working with the Chinese telecoms giant. Such moves are taken to prevent selling of Huawei devices around the globe and building phones with US made components. However, Ren assured that the company has built an alternative OS and stockpiled hardware for this situation.