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Apple is unquestionably one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. The company is known for its superb quality products that create a buzz in the world. And, one of the favorites of all of them is iPhone. iPhones fall under the category of being one of the most famous categories of smartphones in the world. Therefore, the whole world awaits the launch of a new iPhone or a new operating system or even the new version of the already existing edition of the operating system. There is a lot of expectations that people and iPhone App Developers India have with Apple, and most of the times, the company can fulfill the expectations of the users.

The buzz surrounding iOS 13

Recently, Apple stunned the world by introducing some of the most mindboggling features in iOS 13. iOS 13 will be the working framework for iPads and iPhones. Though there were tons of rumors surrounding iOS 13, not all of them could be believed. End of the day, people wait for the update to come in to see what Apple has to offer this time around. But, needless to say, like almost every time, Apple has not disappointed the users at all. They have made sure that the expectations met, and, like most of the times, Apple had something extra to offer to the users as well.

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As iOS 12 had already impressed the users, the company had to put in extra affords to make a remarkable impact. End of the day, just like every other time, the users were expecting both, new improvements, as well as some, add on features in iOS 13 as well. Apart from making noteworthy changes in the design and layout, there is no doubt about the fact that Apple had done its bit to stun the world with the new offerings and exciting features as well.

The dark mode is the talk of the town

The dark mode is surely one of the coolest features that Apple offered to the users. Though people had been looking for this dark mode feature since a long time, only now, with the introduction of iOS 13, they could get it. As soon as the dark mode introduced for Mac, the iPhone users were eagerly waiting to get it in their iPhones as well. Dark Mode changes the shades of the device from white to black. The main purpose of mode is to make it possible for the users to perform functions on the device during the night.

Much improved FaceTime

The improved version of FaceTime is one of those features which is worth applauding. The number of people using FaceTime is, high and thus, Apple had to put in efforts to enhance the quality of FaceTime. Therefore, iOS 13 promises to improve the overall video calling experience. Most importantly, the positioning of the eye on the call is much better. Also, now ARKit will be used to, scan the face of the user. Overall, the quality of the video while on a call improved to a great extent.

Optimized battery charging

One of the most useful features present on the iPhone is the one that extends the battery life. This feature is designed to prevent the phone's battery from reaching 100% when connected to the phone charger. So, the battery won’t reach 100% all the time. This feature is a wonderful addition in this new iOS, and it is perfect for those who wish to boost the longevity of the iPhone.

Apple is one of the most popular companies in the world because the company manufactures the world’s finest smartphones. And, every time the company comes up with the new edition, be it of the phone or the operating system, the whole world is excited about the then-new release. The new edition of the OS, iOS 13 is touted to be the best version of the operating system so far, and there is a lot that Apple has added in iOS 13.