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As much as users are passionate about this year's release of the new iPhone, so are they when it comes to the all-new Macintosh operating system. Apple is on a spree to radically transforming the user experience for good. It recently launched iOS 13 along with its series of iPhone 11. Although iOS had a rough start, it had some significant updates and improvements.

When it comes to the Mac Operating system, Mojave has already paved the way for a new and enhanced version. Known as Catalina, the latest macOS is technically the version 10.15 of the series. Although the complete version hasn't rolled out yet, it is available for testing through the beta version. The full update is expected to be rolled out in a few coming days. However, interested people who are eager to explore the new features of Catalina can register for Apple's Beta test program and take a look.

features of macos catalina

Statistics suggest that Apple's current macOS Mojave has a market share of 52.21 percent across the globe. It is far more than any other macOS to date. However, with Catalina's striking features, it could soon surpass Mojave and attain the most significant market share any macOS has ever seen. The fun and exciting features of the new operating system is believed to change the way people use their Mac or MacBook. Consider it a significant boost to the current version 10 of the OS.

With Catalina, users can expect iOS app development updates, new features, and more. However, one of the biggest reasons why macOS 10.15 is in the news is because it brings the demise of a favorite app. To keep things interesting, let's talk about this is the list mentioned in the next section. For now, macOS 15 will only be available for selected devices that were bought in 2012 or later. Based on the beta testing reviews, Catalina undoubtedly stands out with its radically new updates.

Let's take a look at some of these updates that have the potential to reshape the user experience for the best:

iTunes is Dead

One of the most talked-about things about the macOS Catalina is the demise of iTunes. Even in the future, when people look back, the version will remind them of iTune's death. Apple confirmed the news in its announcement at the WWDC 2019. However, there is more to be happy about than stressing over a decade old app.

Catalina offers a trio of new media apps that are all set to replace iTunes successfully. The new set of apps includes Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts. According to Apple, the new Music App works at the lightning-fast speed and offers users a library of more than 50 million songs along with playlists and popular music videos. While Apple TV will support the telecast of 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos, the Apple Podcast will possess a catalog of nearly 700,000 shows. Ultimately, Apple Music will still have access to the iTunes music store.

Second Screen Support

In one of the most amazing features, Catalina allows an iPad to use as a second screen to the existing Mac. This feature is known as Sidecar and helps a user drag the window from their Mac to the iPad or use it merely as an external monitor. While Sidecar can use wired or wirelessly, users need to stay in a 10 meters range for a smooth wireless experience.

Drawing Tablet

The new feature Sidecar also allows the user to utilize their iPads as a drawing tablet. It is primarily facilitated, for the ease of artists, designers, or illustrators. Once the user connects an iPad to the Sidecar, users can use Apple Pencil to draw and annotate things. And once, done the Mac will seamlessly display the same drawing.

Screen Time Management

The macOS version 10.15 also brings the Screen Time App to the Mac. It allows the user to set app limits across all devices and not just Mac or MacBook. The unified approach to Apple devices is one of the highlights of Catalina. Another feature of the screen time app known as the 'One More Time' enables the user to set communication limits and control them as well.

All-New Photos App

Catalina also updated the photos app and made it more user-friendly. One of the notable changes in the app is that it curated and highlights the best photographs for you and deleted any duplicate images. The app also features important moments and sports larger preview for pictures.


With all these new and exciting features, Apple's latest operating system for Mac and MacBook might be one of the best releases to date. For people who've been following the brand know that Apple names its macOS after locations in California, thus, the name of version 10.15 as Catalina.