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Mobile app marketing is one of the key areas of marketing in the world today. Mobile apps are high in demand and thus, almost every company is trying to step in the arena of mobile apps. As, the number of mobile application downloads is expected to touch 258 billion by the year 2022. And, the number of app users is only going to grow in the near future. Therefore, it is pretty evident that in order to succeed in this digital era, companies will have to not only develop mobile apps for their business, but also have to implement topnotch mobile app marketing strategies.


How important is mobile app marketing in the world today?

Mobile application marketing is all about making the app more popular. The main motive of the mobile app marketers is to attract more and more audience towards the app. Whether a firm has launched a new mobile app for their business or whether they want to promote their already existing app, in all the cases, they would need to make world-class app marketing plans.

Mobile app marketing is basically focused on two areas, first, getting more app visitors in the form of app downloads, and secondly, retaining the existing lot of customers. Hence, mobile marketers have to curate efficient mobile app marketing to exert a pull on the target audience. Now, when it comes to the significance of mobile app marketing, there is no doubt about the fact that, it is very crucial for the companies. As, the competition in the mobile app stores is growing rapidly, thus, if a company has to attract more and more leads, they will have to have something special to offer to the customers. Prospecting tools can significantly enhance these efforts by identifying and targeting potential users more effectively. At the end of the day, a lot depends on the mobile app market, thus, the app marketing techniques have to be both effective but latest as well.

The world of Mobile app marketing is constantly evolving

Mobile app marketing is not the same as it used to be. The mobile application marketing techniques and trends have evolved over the period of time. In fact, they are constantly evolving. Especially, with the advancement of technology, innovative app marketing techniques are introduced. Earlier, app marketing was restricted to only App Store or Play Store, however, now, the mobile app can be marketed by various ways and on several different platforms.

More focus on protecting mobile app marketing campaigns to prevent mobile ad fraud

A combo of high-end technology, data, and knowledgeable resources will be used to safeguard the company from any fraud. But, the first step is to understand the complete structure and how the fraud actually happens. Then only, you would be able to implement the right strategies and technology to prevent mobile ad fraud.

Analyze the indicators

The first step to be aware of any mobile ad fraud is to read the metrics carefully. Every marketing expert should keep a close eye on the performance metrics of any mobile campaign. It is important to find out the inconsistencies while comparing attribution stats and channel stats. Also, you should be well-versed with the percentage of clicks that have happened without any ID and also with the number of clicks that have happened with a particular ID. Plus, information like the ratio of view-through attribution and the click-through attribution will give the marketers a good idea of the complete performance metrics. Additionally, marketers have to make sure that the percentage of the clicks without a view as it shouldn’t be high. And, a close look at the time to install and clicks to install will also give a good idea about the fraud.

Powerful fraud detector


One of the best ways to safeguard your mobile ad campaigns is by integrating the latest technology which is capable of detecting sources that lead to fraudulent clicks or installs. The solution that you use should be capable of finding out even the hidden bits, automated scripts or any other form of malware.

Beware of the network

The Ad network is the group of publishers who directly communicate with the promoters as an end client. It contains both affiliate networks and DSPs. Ad network leads to high volume frauds, as when a network turns malicious, all the publishers automatically become malicious too. Therefore, the marketers have to make sure that they choose the best network. The network should be extremely reliable, else it will lead to disastrous consequences.

Mobile ad fraud is increasing, and is badly hurting the companies as leads to huge losses. Therefore, mobile app development companies will be using latest technology to help them prevent any attack that leads to fraud and loss of funds. It is just that now, you just can’t ignore mobile ad frauds. It is a smart choice to invest in prevention rather than losing your money to the fraudsters.

Influencers in mobile app marketing industry


Use of influencers is nothing new in the world of marketing, but it hasn’t been a trend in mobile app marketing domain. However, now, in the year 2024 and beyond, influencer marketing is expected to become more popular, with projections indicating it will reach $21.1 billion. Influencers will be used to create and share some professionally made video or photo content, which would lead to boosted increase campaign conversions. Influencers will help the marketers to enhance the performance of the marketing campaigns and increase the number of leads. In the coming years, we can expect a plenty of new-age programs and tools build specifically to find top influencers. Influencer mobile app marketing is expected to be a lot more popular as social media platforms will be more tied to metrics. Also, the new tools will offer more control and optimization.