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When you are planning to finally take the plunge to create a mobile application, you may be fazed by many questions. So here are the major things that you need to make sure ofwhen you are outsourcing for mobile app development. You can have these following questions on your checklist to coherently flow from the process of outsourcing to a team to get your final app in place.

Mobile App Development

Have you checked the outsourced team?

One of the major advantages of mobile app development company is that you can hire just about anyone you want, without any limitations to the locations. If you are looking for someone with the right technical set, it doesn’t matter where they are, as long as they are able to provide you with what you want.

But you will need to straighten out and check the facts beforehand with the outsourced team.

  • Do you have samples of their previous apps?
  • Do you have trustworthy testimonials about them?
  • How sound are they technically?
  • Do you have a common language to speak in?
  • What is their average turn out time?

Do you have the development requirements straight?

When you have decided to outsource, the first thing to do is to chalk out your complete requirements to provide to the outsourced company or a person. Make sure that you have the clear idea of what you want in the app and project your vision clearly to the people who will be working on it. Being upfront about what your expectations are will save a lot of time for you and for the outsourced team too.

  • What solutions are you offering through the app?
  • Have you given the outsourced team all the features you need in the app?
  • Have you clearly defined your target audience?
  • Have you mentioned the target devices that it needs to be compatible with?
  • What is their average turn out time?

While you have outlined your requirements of how you want the app to turn out, you will also have to discuss the technical approachability of the development.

  • Did you have a meeting to finalize the technical aspects and its feasibility?
  • On what platform do you want the app: Android, iOS?
  • Do you want a native app or a hybrid app?
  • Do you want your app connected to a cloud platform?
  • What features of the mobile do you want to integrate with the app?

Do you have all the formal documents in place?

Even if you are going with someone you know, it is important to have all the terms in place under a contract and define clearly the roles and responsibilities for them so that there are no confusions in the future.

  • Have you signed an NDA?
  • Do you have the payment detail signed under contract?
  • Do you have all your requirements signed under contract?

Have you decided the design of the app?

Generally, many prefer to outsource the app designing along with the development. The design of the app is very crucial as it becomes the face of your company. Hence, though you have outsourced, you need to be perfectly clear in the way you want the app to look like. From the buttons to the navigations, communicate with the outsourced team about the picture of the design you have in your mind.

  • Is the app going to be in landscape orientation or portrait?
  • Are the design features in line with the website or any other service you have?
  • From headers to buttons, do you have specific design or choice of color palettes?

Does your app have all the necessary securities in place?

Security is one important that you need to keep an eye on from the beginning. If you are building an app with payments features, then it is even more essential to have a soundproof security.

  • If payment gateway needs to be integrated, what secure measures are taken?
  • Do you want a two-point authentication?
  • Do you have all necessary securities in place to safeguard the personal data?

How much involved are you in testing?

When the app if finally developed and designed, then comes the testing part where you have to pay attention to find any loopholes or scope for improvements.

  • Is your app performance to the expectations?
  • How easy is it to flow through your app?
  • Does it follow all the guidelines to include in Play Store?
  • Does it work seamlessly across all devices and all orientations?
  • Is the navigation easy?
  • Do the designs look easy and pleasing to eyes?

Sometimes, it may be overwhelming to manage an outsourcing team. But it all lies in the coordination and the communication between both the teams. If you use the above-given checklist when outsourcing, the process of developing a mobile apps will be a smooth one.