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Enterprise mobile application is a major part of a business in this world of digitization where, people are addicted to their smartphones. According to a survey, 85% of people use smartphones and at least 61% of people look into their Smartphone within a span of every 5 minutes. All the business organizations have started promoting their products online these days. Digital marketing has outranked traditional marketing strategies.

If you have an enterprise for selling some commodities and if you are not promoting it online then, it is high time! Start doing it now. If you are planning just to build a website for your enterprise and not investing some money on mobile app then, you will definitely miss out major conversions and profit for your enterprise. Here are the 5 major problems you might be facing with your business

Are you unable to reach maximum number of people?

Creating a website, promoting it on different platforms is a part of online marketing which is fine, but building your own mobile app is more profitable. According to a survey, people in US spend at least 3 minutes in apps.

  • Apps are easy to use and less time consuming.
  • People refer apps to others if the app is good, which results in maximum reach of your enterprise and increases profit.

Are you unable to generate more number of online conversions?

The only reason is, people land on your page, but they might face few problems buying some products, or people might run out of time checking the website, or the website might not be user friendly. All the above problems are solved by using apps.

  • Apps are user friendly and easily accessed.
  • People carry their mobile phones everywhere, intend mobile apps stay with them in their phone.
  • People can check out the products anytime and anywhere which is not same as in checking the websites.
  • It is usually difficult to remember URL of a website, which results in less number of people preferring your enterprise.
  • People prefer mobile apps than websites.

Are you draining out of old customers?

The reason is customers might face problems accessing your website.

  • Customers might lose patience and time checking your website for some great deals by holding on to their desktops and laptops.
  • Customers might not be properly notified about the deals and discounts that you are offering them.
  • Customers might be facing payment problems within the website.
  • Customers might have switched to a better enterprise that is offering a mobile app which is very user friendly.

These might be the major reasons for customers not being engaged with your products, resulting in loss for your enterprise.

Are you facing inconvenience in providing services to your customers?

Let us assume that, your customer might be in a hurry in purchasing a product from your website, but the customer is having some queries about your product. The customer tries to contact you through your website. Is it always possible for you to give solutions to the customer’s query in time? Due to lack of communication, loss of a customer occurs which is not good for your business.

Through apps, you can directly contact your customer, solve their queries anytime might be through text messages or calls. It is more convenient for both seller and the buyer.

  • By using apps, Lack of communication problems between customer and the seller can be reduced.
  • Great deals and offers provided by an enterprise can be easily visible and accessed by the customer, resulting in major conversions.

Aren’t you receiving a proper return on investment?

If this is the case then, it is a serious issue that cannot be neglected. Tried all possible strategies but not mobile app? Start building and promoting it today. As it is mentioned in this article, the benefits of mobile apps are many.

  • Having a mobile app can also bring considerable amount of rise in the overall revenue.
  • Mobile apps can be easily reached to maximum number of people irrespective of age.
  • Not only adults, even children are interested in mobile apps.
  • The advantage is your enterprise reaches maximum number of people.
  • With the help of apps customers are retained and new customers are added.
  • Apps are easily available and easy to download. More downloads mean more the customers. Hence increase in revenue.

Is your organization facing the same problems as mentioned above? Hurry up! It is not too late to build your organization. If you are looking forward to earn certain amount of profit and receive proper return on investment, then start building and promoting a mobile application for your enterprise. Mobile application is not an option, but a necessity for the growth of a business these days.