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Enterprise Mobile Applications – What & Why?

Did you know that Enterprise Mobility apps and Services revenue is expected to reach $430 billion by 2021?

Enterprise Mobile Apps are known to increase the productivity of the employees and has sped up internal communications. The number of devices being used inside or outside an organization has increased to reach 12.1 billion in 2018. These apps allow its users to communicate workers, customers, and stakeholder instantly.

At Nexmobility, a cutting-edge enterprise mobile app and services provider, we understand that iOS and Android apps should be functional and simple to use.
We provide you with intricate and customized apps that work in coordination with your planned growth trajectory for your business.

Personalized promotions are becoming the most effective marketing tools – and reaching out has through their smartphones has become further effective. Our mobile apps for your enterprise provide you flawless performance and offer you a competitive edge by blending your proven work methods with latest technological trends.

How Do We Develop In-House Mobility Solutions At NexMobility?

Our digital experience studio helps us to understand your needs, along with your customers, competitors and your key challenges. We ideate digital use cases with you and build prototypes to gauge business benefits in your environment.

Our mobile application management solutions help us with secure deploying and managing data in various operating system scenarios. We aim for quality in on any platform, native or hybrid. We deliver flawless UI in both native and hybrid development.

Enterprise Mobile Applications are being used by large companies to increase productivity and perform tasks more efficiently. These apps have added around 240 hours of work per employee with their ease of usage. With increased productivity and high data quantity, our mobile application security renders data more secure by following regulatory and compliance requirements.

We map the customer journey and create roadmaps for effective engagement with customers, providing an outstanding user experience.

Paradigm Shift with Enterprise Mobility Apps

The increase in popularity of smartphones has simultaneously amplified the demand for mobile app usage in the enterprise space. This paradigm shift in the consumer space can be leveraged by using Enterprise Mobile Applications, to stay ahead in business and become the pioneers in the competition curve.

Advantages of Enterprise Apps
2 to 5 Enterprise Mobile apps are being used by around 67% company departments & around 27% use over 6 apps.

  • Mobility Implementation on all devices – customized options to implement mobility solutions on BYOD and other devices. It also makes screen sharing possible for easier transfer your knowledge on various OS.
  • Cost-effective option – saves money spending on multiple devices. Easily integrated on personally owned devices of employees in BOYD scenarios for better and easy management. Our apps use the technological advancements to get a better ROI for you.
  • Easy access to all data and unified communication across various mobile devices. This helps in providing excellent customer service and clear customer queries instantly.
  • Increases productivity with better integration of back-end data sources
  • Easy to use UI – our expert mobile app developers create simple and smart UI for an amazing User Experience (UX) for your customers

Choose a Good Start with NexMobility

NexMobility takes pride in our experience of over a decade of creating intelligent enterprise mobile software. We understand our customer and their target audience to find the right tactic to deliver each project. We specialize in delivering high-performing solutions to the staff working on every level of a company.

Our foundations for these solutions are built on four pillars:

  • Creative Innovation
  • Robust Strategy
  • High Efficiency
  • Unparalleled Quality

We help our customers go completely mobile with our Enterprise Mobile Applications. We assist them in creating real business advantage and value. Our expertise lies in various industries like; transportation, technology, banking and financial services, consumer goods, life sciences, insurance, and healthcare.