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Creating an enterprise app is an important decision which is followed by a lot of other choices that you would need to make if you are looking to create an app that performs exceptionally well and is easy and secure. If you ask your development team about the environment options, they would give you a couple of choices like Java, Node.js, and even .NET.


So, which one would you choose from these options. In all probability, if you are a seasoned developer, you would like to choose Java because of its reliability. But, what if I tell you that Node.js is better than Java if you are looking for a cross-platform environment for Enterprise mobility apps. Here, we will discuss the reasons why Node.js is a better choice than Java for Enterprise mobile apps.

Performance and Optimization

The modern devices and the need for speed requires new apps that perform fast, are highly optimized, and universal thus, not burdening your storage space. The popular choices like Java and .NET fails to be as effective as Node.js here because Java apps are known to be heavier because of the whole coding repository that it has to carry. With .NET, you would have to opt for C# and that would make you lose the universal appeal of your app.

A good choice for enterprise mobility apps that want to enjoy the benefits of both Java and .NET is Node.js which is known to be a smart alternative giving you the best of both worlds. If you are looking for evidence that support this claim, then there is no dearth of case studies where companies have realized that Node.js is the best possible choice for enterprise mobility apps.

Resources and Scalability

The available tools and resources both in terms of online help and developers are important when you have to choose an app development environment. You do not want to be stuck in a situation where you cannot move forward. With Node.js, you have ample of online resources and help available from the community. It is also easy to learn, and you can easily find developers who are well-versed with it.

Additionally, Node.js also offers the scalability choice that is important in enterprise mobility apps. As an enterprise, you might not be wanting to go all in before checking how well your app is performing and how much is it welcome. Eventually, you might want to expand it and thus scalability plays an important role. In this case, Node.js is as scalable as Java or .NET.

It would be safe to say that Node.js is becoming a popular choice for Enterprise mobile apps development. However, it would be unfair to completely rule out Java and .NET. What is important is that every organization would have different expectations from their apps and thus the development would require personalization in terms of decisions made regarding the platforms, IDEs, etc. With this consideration and the benefits that Java, .NET, and Node.js offer, make your choice wisely.