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Almost a decade age iOS was released, and it was a hit with the public. In the last version iOS 12, Apple focused more on the performance. The software was up to the mark but working on it was still dreary. Its under-the-hood improvements made the operating system run smoothly on older devices and also focused on reshuffling notifications and adding applications to determine screen-time management. However, update done to Siri and other key apps ARKit 2, Animoji, Memoji and much more. To optimize iOS 12, Apple was planned to launch many of the exciting features in its next version. All of this made iPhones and iPads look brand new as it improves the performance and battery life but at the same time eliminated exciting new features.


So, how has Apple planned to upgrade itself with iOS 13?

Apple is certainly working hard on its next big version of iOS. There have been reports that it will include a new Dark Mode and Home Screen in addition to new concept videos, features and UI changes. However, one must not forget about the Clock, one of the often neglected apps also iPhone App Development Company is eagerly waiting for iOS13.

The Clock App of Apple iOS 13

In the App Store of Apple, you may come across many third-party clock and alarm apps. Like many other apps of Apple, Clock to gets special attention. For instance, Siri integrates into many of the apps, like setting alarms and timers. You can rest assured that you will never miss any alarm as well as alerts. However, Apple has added some amazing new features to clock. However, there is a lot more than Apple can add to improve the worth of its built-in app.

Mix up a playlist at alarm time

It is perhaps the most neglected aspect of the modern iOS Clock app. This feature was a crucial characteristic of classic iPods. However, incorporating this feature to the sophisticated iPhone was never attempted. Nevertheless, in iOS 6 you can play a specific song for an alarm. With Apple giving more emphasis on its Apple Music service, it can make a new category of a wake-up playlist as built-in alarm sounds.

Ability to set different Bedtime schedule

The biggest feature that Apple added to its Clock App was the Bedtime feature, which introduces in iOS 10 version. This new feature of the app-enabled you to record your time when you went to bed and the time you woke up. It used for bedtime reminder and morning alarm. Also, based on this, hours of sleep was automatically registered into Apple’s Health app. Although useful, Bedtime feature can further improve through the ability to set different time schedules for different days, getting quality sleep is a really high priority for 55% of individuals.

Pre-alarm notification

When Apple recreated the Clock app in iOS 10, it added a feature to dismiss the snooze timer. In the present version, it requires to check into the Clock app and dismiss it manually. In the new version, Apple should try to close the next alarms. A silent pre-alarm notification in the new version can allow the user to cancel the upcoming alarm for that particular day. As in the case of the Apple Watch, if it is in Nightstand mode, it wakes up a few minutes before the scheduled time. So, adding a “Cancel” button just 5-15 minutes before an alarm is set to go off should not be a challenge.

Time zone notification

Whenever traveling to a different time zone, the cellular connectivity and GPS feature updates the information. But when traveling by land into a different time zone, update in the information is quite slow. It is the issue that needs to be addressed by Apple in this new version. It should offer the user a proactive notification when they have crossed a new time zone.

HomePod Alarms and Timers

Apple can also try to include its Clock sync to its HomePod, via iCloud. At present iOS Home, app manages HomePod alarms. However, if it could at least appear in the Clock app, things could become simpler. It may be that more than one family member might be using HomePod, and it may not be practical for alarms to sync from the iPhone. But through the Clock app, it may get easy to manage the HomePod alarms. Also, as HomePad supports multiple timers, it could be easily managed by Siri voice command. In addition to it, the ability to set and check the timers can become easy from the iPhone Clock.

Syncing Apple Watch with iPhone Clock

The clock apps in the Apple Watch and iPhone are left out, which means a timer or alarm set on one device is not available, on the other or in-progress timing is not viewable on the other paired device. There can be an update in iOS 13 and watchOS clock related apps such that they can share a common list of timers and alarms. Also, they can be synced directly or through iCloud. In addition to it, the Apple Watch should also include Bedtime feature so that it can use for tracking sleep timing.

Whatever changes Apple makes in its new version iOS 13, it is definite that it is going to keep performance fast as well as responsive. These are some of the features that Apple should address when it revamps its Clock one of the important apps that are often neglect.