Leading Choice for iPhone Application Development India

We, the NexMobility team, provide services to develop complete iPhone application development from concept to distribution. We deliver custom-made applications for a full range of Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Contact us now to take us on as a partner for your iPhone app development services.

Key advantages

Interactive Design

An attractive and interactive design is what makes the users come back to your application again, and we make it one of our major goals to deliver it.

iPad Features

Depending on your business requirements, we build customizable solutions for your applications with easy-to-use features that benefit your business.

Outreach and Visibility

Increase the exposure of your business to your audience and multiply your leads with simple and effective iPhone applications through targeted marketing.

Target Audiences

If you want to reach a particular segment of your audience with the help of iPhone applications, we help in researching and creating customer-specific apps that strike the right chord with your target audience.

Our Tools and Technologies

As a leading iPhone app development company in India, our team of talented developers and experts make the most use of the latest technologies to deliver applications for Apple products that are on par with some of the best industry-specific applications. By leveraging the help of various tools that increase the efficiency, we deliver outstanding iPhone and iPad applications relevant to your business specifics.


Core text

To exercise the most control over, the layout and the formatting of text in iOS applications, we use Core Text which one used along with the Core Graphics/Quartz framework.


Core Data

With complete control over the data to filter, modify, and track, we use this popular framework for the iOS applications, Core Data to collect data for proper analysis.



We make use of the open source networking library, AFNetworking, to extract the maximum out of the rich API and the easy-to-use designs to use the benefits of networking abstraction.



To make use of the AutoLayout, strong expertise in iPhone app development is essential, and our skilled developers have mastered the art of using the AutoLayout to create perfect designs that look pleasing to one’s eyes.


Cocos 2D

If you want to make simple 2D games in the form of the iPhone and iPad applications, our dedicated team of developers will bring your concept to reality through the Cocos 2D.



At NexMobility, we use Cocoapods, the application level dependency manager that can run on a lot of languages and give a set with a framework and library to help in the efficient development of iPhone and iPad applications.


Develop and Design to Impress

At NexMobility, we focus on developing standalone mobile applications which attract a lot of users and impress them with the design, the connection and the flow of the application and this goal of ours in every project we take on has made us grow as a prominent service provider for iPhone app development India.

Editors and IDEs

XCode AppCode Code Runner Swifty

Language Resources Udacity Stanford

Benefits of iPhone App Development India

Apple Interface and Design

A great interface and a simple design are what hooks a user to an application. Good design and an interface are what complements a great concept without which the concept wouldn’t have the full ability to take off.
At NexMobility, we aim to create applications that bring the best features of the concept and your business to the forefront and present them in an attractive package to its users.

Reach the Tech-Savvy Audiences

A lot of tech-savvy enthusiasts prefer the iPhone, iPad and other Apple-based applications over others, and love to try a lot of applications.
So with the help of a strongly founded application, it becomes easier for you to expand your reach to the segment of the tech-savvy in your group of targeted audiences.

Offer Enhanced Security

It is becoming increasingly important to keep on the security of your applications and the data you collect.
We are stringent about the security measures that we undertake during the development of your application and put in strong security in place to keep your application protected from unscrupulous elements.

Various Techniques to secure Private datain iOS swift

As we know, iOS has already secure with sandboxing the application where data cannot be transferred from one app to another but if any attacker or intruder wants to hack or steal data on-fly then it would be very difficult to stop hacking our system.