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Latest Mobile Technology Articles

What Did You Miss to Notice in iOS 13?

iOS 13 release was a disaster that everyone has come to know. Be it websites warning users to not upgrade to the latest iOS or the Department of Defense writing to their employees to wait for the next update.

Does Background Apps Making your Android Phone Slow?

Smartphones can be irritating at times when the battery drains at a faster rate. You probably put your phone on charging every 3-4 hours a day and this frustrates you and makes you quit that model.

An Android app not working – what to do next?

You just can’t permanently quit using your smartphone and we all know this fact. We all have become so dependent on technology that we forgot the main purpose behind the release of it- to get convenience.

Introduction Intelligent Conversational Interfaces

The use of conversational devices and smart speakers has been increased in the past years. In this article, we will talk about conversational interfaces and introduction to interaction flow, natural language understanding, and deployment.

Top methods for updating iOS without WiFi

Due to the increasing number of internet users, the speed of the internet is disrupted several times in some areas, and people often suffer from unstable WiFi in those areas.

Guide to take android app from Play Store to different account

In case you are thinking of creating and using a new Google account on your Android phone and your developed applications are published to different account, read this article thoroughly. You will get to know about the steps to move your android application from Google Play Store to another account.

How to install android app with just APK

Android devices are secured because you cannot install apps to these devices from outside the Play store. However, there is an endless collection of interesting apps that you can explore outside the play store and you may also want to explore them all.

Various Techniques to secure Private datain iOS swift

As we know, iOS has already secure with sandboxing the application where data cannot be transferred from one app to another but if any attacker or intruder wants to hack or steal data on-fly then it would be very difficult to stop hacking our system.

Swift UI Integration in iOS

Swift UI is the best feature developed by Apple and it is equivalent to the UIKit Where the developer needs to write code for UI events. It replaces the storyboard and controller with a new swift UI.

Swift5 and iOS13 Migration Challenges

Every year Apple has done the upgrade in OS level and Swift language due to that it will affect existing applications and its functionality. So a developer or company needs to do an update and provide build to the vendor on time because it will impact the business more.

Is Apple Catalina the best Mac OS Ever?

As much as users are passionate about this year's release of the new iPhone, so are they when it comes to the all-new Macintosh operating system. Apple is on a spree to radically transforming the user experience for good. It recently launched iOS 13 along with its series of iPhone 11. Although iOS had a rough start, it had some significant updates and improvements.

Android Studio Version 3.5 Launches

As an integrated development environment, this latest release of Android Studio is addressing major issues from the previous version. Launching through a new set of infrastructure and internal dashboard will make it easier to detect performance problems within version 3.5. Over 600 bug fixes, 50 memory leaks and 20 IDE hangs were addressed prior to this launch.

iPhone 11 Specification and features - what expect from?

Apple launched it's iPhone 11 on September 10. It will be available for pre-order on 13th September, Friday. iPhone 11 price starts from $699. You can choose from three models – 64 GB($699), 128GB($749), and 256 GB($849). Sold alongside the luxury range of iPhone 11 Pro and the Pro Max, the iPhone 11 can be the perfect iPhone for most people.

iPhone users are over the moon with the release of iOS 13

Apple is unquestionably one of the most popular phone manufacturers in the world. The company is known for its superb quality products that create a buzz in the world. And, one of the favorites of all of them is iPhone. iPhones fall under the category of being one of the most famous categories of smartphones in the world.

Brief about Object Detection using AR framework

The New AR Library which provides us the various capability to detect a 2D/3D image, Object detection and multiuser AR related capability where many users can play the 3D game at a time in the real world. For every AR capture, there will be AR session maintain in application logic to capture the 3D object detection.

Brief about Text Detection using the Vision Framework

With the help of vision, the library developer can detect the text in the image. It can be static and dynamic data for detecting text using the library. It can be identified and recognize the text then the developer can enable to rectangular box around the text using the frontend code so that it will be visible for the users in a proper manner.

Lint in Android and why it is important?

While developing Android applications on Android studio, we often get errors and red line on any functions or variable which is not correct. So to build an errorless android application we use some tools to avoid the wastage of time for compiling and running the code.

Leveraging the Power of WorkManager API in ANDROID

The Android team has been really putting a lot of efforts in the development of the Architecture Components and one of them is the WorkManager API. If you read the official docs they suggest, the WorkManager is used to do deferrable and asynchronous tasks.

Getting started with Room in Android

Android SDK already provides us with the SQLite (comes included in Android SDK) and there is Firebase Real-time Database and Cloud Firestore as well so why Room? From official documentation, Room can be thought of as a persistence library that provides an abstraction layer over SQLite.

Mobile App Marketing Trends to Keep You Ahead in the Industry

Mobile app marketing is one of the key areas of marketing in the world today. Mobile apps are high in demand and thus, almost every company is trying to step in the arena of mobile apps. As, the number of mobile application downloads is expected to touch 258 billion by the year 2022.And, the number of app users is only going to grow in the near future.

What is Android JetPack?

Android JetPack is the support library, includes android-ktx and the Android Architecture Components re-branded as a single modular entity. It is a larger-scoped effort to improve Android app developers experience, but AndroidX forms the technical foundation. It is the same libraries you will find under Support Library and Architecture Components.

Revamping the Clock App in iOS 13 by Apple

Almost a decade age iOS was released, and it was a hit with the public. In the last version iOS 12, Apple focused more on the performance. The software was up to the mark but working on it was still dreary. Its under-the-hood improvements made the operating system run smoothly on older devices and also focused on reshuffling notifications and adding applications to determine screen-time management.

How to use the capture list in Swift and avoid retain cycles in closure

Swift is a modern, high-level programming language which automatically manages much of the memory of the iOS applications, which means it allocates and de-allocates memory on its own. It uses the concept called Automatic Reference Counting (or simply ARC) which allows it to manage the memory. In most cases, Swift memory management works automatically.

Google Taking Back Android Support from Huawei Devices

Google, the US internet giant, owns Android mobile operating system which powers most of the smartphones used around the globe, is set to end relationship with Huawei due to national security threat. The news may be shocking to all huawei smartphone users since the Chinese telecom giant will unable to access to Google’s proprietary services; including gmail and Google Map apps.

Why and how to use Proguard in Android App Development?

We definitely have all heard from the Android community regarding the importance of using Proguard. Let's see why and how we should use Proguard while Android applications development. Many of the concerns are raised due to security aspects and performance optimizations of an Android application.

Does Flutter and React Native are Next-Level Opportunities?

We are heading into an era where we are witnessing the technological advancements at a rapid pace and making the things extremely easy and effortless for human life. This task has been headed by the top industry players who are striving hard to take things to the next level.

Implementation of iOS shimmer effect

As an iOS developer, you might be familiar with the Shimmer Effect which you must have seen the Slide to Unlock animation. Shimmer was originally developed to show loading status in the Paper application. It is widely adopting and seen in many applications like Facebook, which enhances the look and feel of the app and makes them look more dynamic.

Early Returning Functions

Returning values and objects from a function are one of the core programming concepts found in almost every language. A Functional Programming language is a center around the concept of pure functions. A pure function is a function that produces the same output given the same input and hence doesn’t generate any side effects or misbehaves.

Explain Project Rome SDKs? How to implement in iOS and Android

The project Rome, the open source project which was released by Microsoft has become the talk of the town has reached to its v1.0, along with has also started to provide support for the cross-device and cross-platform experience that can go ahead with the user in multiple situations.

Android App Using MVVM Architecture

In this tutorial, we are going to create a sample application on the recommended MVVM Architecture Pattern and you will notice how it improves overall code quality, maintenance and debugging of our app.

Brief about iOS App with VPN enabled

Many of the apps are secured with VPN because it will protect data from snoopers and mask true location. It hides the online forays in a secure tunnel that outsiders can’t penetrate. VPN used in the app to secure the private server that helps disguise to the location, activity and protects against us from outside incursions.

Upgradation of iOS

Upgrading the iOS app from iOS10/iOS11 to iOS12 is a very tedious task. Developers have to face many issues while migrating the application from iOS10/iOS11 to iOS12. There are a lot of crucial things need to understand before migrating of apps. There are lots of challenges for all the developers as well as companies who are developing the iOS application.

Optimizing your app page description is half the battle won?

Now a days, we see millions of apps in the App stores or Play stores. There are a plenty of similar kind of mobile applications which offer almost identical type of services and products as well. Or, in simple words, we can say that the completion in the app world is rising.

Best Android Studio Plugins for Developers

Although with recent releases, Android Studio has been catching up on many useful features. Still, there are few Android Studio plugins which when included in your workflow will definitely help you code faster and better. They contribute to overall quality of the code and productivity of developers.

Native vs. React native- Is this a Game Changer

Native vs. React native has been a topic of discussion for quite a while now. ‘React Native’ which started as one of the internal hackathon projects at Facebook is now competing with the native technologies of Mobility.

Migrate to New iOS Device

Guide for those who switch from Android to iPhone and those who upgrade to an old iPhone. Our Dedicated iPhone App Developer is much excited to help iOS, iPhone, iPad lovers.

App Content indexing using Core Spotlight Framework

To find something, you can swipe down from the top and enter the content. It enables us to quickly find the application. But the result set contains only the name of the iPhone applications matching the content written in the search field. But if I tell you that you can search within the app without actually opening content and data, all at one place. Yes, it’s possible now using Apple’s Core Spotlight Framework.

Smooth Scrolling with iOS 10 Pre-Fetching API

Have you ever seen an application that stutters while scrolling? If yes, then you would imagine how disappointing the experience is. Imagine you are scrolling and the content of application appears to stutter. You might want to know the reason behind this lag. The answer is application is dropping frames while scrolling.

Compliance Security policy for mobile devices using Microsoft Intune

As we saw in our previous blogs that Microsoft Intune simplifies BYOD and mobile device management. Intune manages personal devices in a corporate environment, giving employees access to corporate resources whatever they want on their own mobile devices.

Using ML Kit in Android

It has been a little more than a year since Google announced that they are changing their core strategy from “Mobile First” to “AI first”. Since then a lot of focus in technology is shifted to Artificial Intelligence and quite visible efforts are being put in this area from all the dominant players of web — Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Outline and walkthrough of Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is the one of the component of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility +Security. Microsoft Intune is basically allowing organisation for managing the mobile and remote devices, mobile based applications, and prevent data leakage from various corporate applications used by users on their devices.

What's new in iOS 12

iOS 12 has been enhanced to speed up the things you do every day. iOS has been renovated for improved performance on even older devices such as iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Android Data Binding in Recycler View

Databinding in android give you the easiest and much powerful way to connect UI elements of your application’s layout with business logic by using declarative layouts which minimizes your effortsof writing code and update the layouts programmatically without manual interference.

MDM, EMM, UEM: The transformation of enterprise mobility world

With the advent of portable devices like smartphones, tablets and rugged devices, software & application updates, security patches were difficult to handle.IT leaders needed a single point solution wherein they can manage and control the services provisioned tothese portable devices effectively, thanks to device management technologies.

Implementing Fingerprint Authentication in Android

Android versions 6.0 (marshmallow) and onwards come with finger print authentication support. It is a more convenient way for users to get authenticated with a single touch. To achieve this goal finger print sensors are used to verify the identity of the user. It is a rather new security feature that has been used in mobile devices.

Firebase Push Notification in Android

FCM or Firebase cloud messaging is a new version of GCM which is Google Cloud Messaging.It is a cross platform messaging platform that help to push messages across various devices. Firebase platform make a bridge in between server and the devices where push notification is going to be fired.

Internet connection status through Broadcast Receiver in Android

Broadcast receiver is a medium through which communication is done with the registered app and the outside OS system.We needs to register and unregister this functionality according to our requirement. At first we have to register each broadcast receiver to get appropriate notification during desired situations.

Downloading Media in Android (Download Manager)

Downloading Media files in android is a very important task that every app is now performing such as: download pdf or excel file or an image or videos. But it should not hamper the main application’s other tasks means we can see the other features of that app while downloading a video through that app. In android so we need to run that download process in background and hence we need to implement Download Manager which allows downloading media in background.

Content Placeholder Animation for Android using Shimmer Effects

Progress bar or spinner loaders are used in applications to load the data on screens whenever application gets the data from a network call. These spinners are in horizontal or circular styles displays on screens to load data but now let’s have some change inyour android applications to make them more interesting and impressive by using cool shimmer animation in your application’s views which makes your front end design more attractive and appealing.

All eyes are set on WWDC 2018, here’s how it’s serving the purpose!

As we know that Apple organizesWorldwide Developer Conference every year to put of the curtains from a host of new updates for its software platforms. This year also, the WWDC was expected to unveil a lot of exciting new features and advancements in a variety of Apple devices includingmacOS 10.14, iOS 12, watchOS 5 as well as the tv OS 12.

Key Considerations To Ensure Enterprise Mobility Security

Today, enterprise mobility plan has become a vital part of every business strategy to make an enterprise more efficient and productive. Enterprises are moving towards digitization embracing BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) that hit the marketplace every day. But with this advancement, the security is affected adversely. The hackers with their hacking skills try to get into their devices and applications to destroy the business or user information and implant malware.

How Phonegap is better then Xamarin

Mobile phones have taken over the world by storm. Almost every business is trying its best to make the full use of the mobile based assets to enhance their business practices. Also, companies are looking for cost-efficient and high-on-performance mobile phone apps.

Integrating Google’s reCAPTCHA in Android Application

The recaptcha service was introduced to protect websites and applications from spam attacks, as you might have seen the recaptcha is implemented in many webpages .If there is any suspicion that the application is being accessed by a bot instead of a human then it requires the user to solve a captcha before continuing on to the application. This ensures that the access to the application is legitimate one and not a spam attack. You can integrate a captcha wherever you want in your application to protect your app from spam and other abusive actions.

Reasons to choose Node.js for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Creating an enterprise app is an important decision which is followed by a lot of other choices that you would need to make if you are looking to create an app that performs exceptionally well and is easy and secure.

5 Alarming Hints that you need of an Enterprise Mobile Application

Enterprise mobile application is a major part of a business in this world of digitization where, people are addicted to their smartphones. According to a survey, 85% of people use smartphones and at least 61% of people look into their Smartphone within a span of every 5 minutes.

How GST Launched an App Race

Summary: The impending GST roll out has created confusion and scare among small and medium business. Fortunately, a number of apps are now all set to ease the situation

Best Testing Tools That Assist Mobile App Developers In Their Projects

Developing an android app involves different tools and it is not similar to the web application development. More users are going mobile-friendly, yet there are applications that failed to grab attention of them and this poses new challenges in engaging the user.

how to Integrate TextInPut Layout in Android?

Android's Design Support Library includes many views and components specially for supporting material design. TextInputLayout is one such component which adds a wrapper around standard edittext widget thereby improving handling of hint text and error text.

How To Design Alarm Clock App On Ios App Development Platform?

NexMobility iOS developers India have intended many apps and today, they will share their experience of developing alarm clock app with iOS app development community worldwide. This app works well and sets one alarm at a time. You can follow the below instructions and steps to get an ideal working alarm clock application.

How To Create Sidebar View Using Third Party Library In IOS

In this tutorial, iphone app developers will tell you how to create Sidebar view (Menu view) using third party library. They are using SWRevealViewController library created by John Lluch. Let’s get started to learn how the things get done.