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How Enterprise Mobility Solutions are paving the Way for Indian Healthcare?

In today’s media-frenzy world, anything that’s in the limelight for more than a few days becomes the talk of town.

These Innovations and Products from Apple Rule the World

Apple has no parallel in the technology world when it comes to innovations and experiences. The ground-breaking products from the iPhone app development company are said to rely on quality and precision.

Reasons to choose Node.js for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Creating an enterprise app is an important decision which is followed by a lot of other choices that you would need to make if you are looking to create an app that performs exceptionally well and is easy and secure.

Chat implementation with Emoji icons in Xamarin:

There is lots of application in market which are using chat functionality and most exciting part of chat is using emoji icons.

5 Alarming Hints that you need of an Enterprise Mobile Application

Enterprise mobile application is a major part of a business in this world of digitization where, people are addicted to their smartphones. According to a survey, 85% of people use smartphones and at least 61% of people look into their Smartphone within a span of every 5 minutes.

Single or multiple image selection from device gallery and show it through Image views in Xamarin Android:

In this tutorial you will learn how to select images from your device gallery and show it to your required places. You can pick single or multiple images according to your requirement.

How GST Launched an App Race

Summary: The impending GST roll out has created confusion and scare among small and medium business. Fortunately, a number of apps are now all set to ease the situation.

Best Testing Tools That Assist Mobile App Developers In Their Projects

Developing an android app involves different tools and it is not similar to the web application development. More users are going mobile-friendly, yet there are applications that failed to grab attention of them and this poses new challenges in engaging the user.

How to Integrate TextInPut Layout in Android?

Android's Design Support Library includes many views and components specially for supporting material design. TextInputLayout is one such component which adds a wrapper around standard edittext widget thereby improving handling of hint text and error text.

How To Design Alarm Clock App On Ios App Development Platform?

NexMobility iOS developers India have intended many apps and today, they will share their experience of developing alarm clock app with iOS app development community worldwide. This app works well and sets one alarm at a time. You can follow the below instructions and steps to get an ideal working alarm clock application.

Pokémon Go, Explained

Pokémon Go just came out and everyone you know is probably playing more than that every website is writing about it, every news network is broadcasting about it and everyone is putting pictures of Go Pokémon on social media.

How To Create Sidebar View Using Third Party Library In IOS

In this tutorial, iphone app developers will tell you how to create Sidebar view (Menu view) using third party library. They are using SWRevealViewController library created by John Lluch. Let’s get started to learn how the things get done.